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Vývozce akvarijních ryb odchovaných v České republice

Exporter of quality tropical fish bred in the Czech Republic.

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About Us

ALEX TROPICALS Co. exports aquarium fish to the whole world. We supply solely the wholesale trade. The exclusive subject of our activities is tropical fish bred in the tanks of Czech aquarists. It has the following undeniable advantages over the fish collected in wild or bred at tropical farms:

  • the fish grown in temperate climatic conditions is perfectly suited for life in the aquariums of end customers - aquarium fans,
  • it can more easily adapt to difficult transportation conditions,
  • it is free of the parasitical and bacterial infections suffered by the fish imported from the tropics,
  • its quarantine and acclimatisation requirements are minimal (as a result, it can be prepared for sale more quickly and at a lower cost),
  • sales of aquarium-grown fish are more environment-friendly as they do not cause depletion of natural fish resources,
  • sales of aquarium-grown fish also contribute to preservation of some endangered species because many suppliers use their revenues to fund various non-commercial activities, such as breeding of rare and endangered species of fish, or participate in special breeding programmes.

About our suppliers

All fish species offered by our company come exclusively from Czech suppliers. Aquarium fish breeding has a very long tradition in the Czech Republic. The fact that local breeders are highly praised worldwide is demonstrated by their successful breeding of problematic fish species. That is why we are very pleased to be able to give Czech aquarium fish breeders the opportunity to share the results of their effort with other aquarium fans all around the globe.

We select our suppliers very carefully because our intention is to sell only high-quality, healthy and well-grown fish. We collaborate with several hundreds of fish breeders, including:

  • private subjects having aquarium fish breeding as a hobby (they frequently supply rare, non-commercial or difficult-to-breed fish species),
  • semi-professionals for whom aquarium fish represents an additional source of income (the largest group of our suppliers),
  • professional firms breeding fish in large tanks containing several thousand litres of water (suppliers of large amounts of the commonest fish species).


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V Malém háji 358,
250 70 Odolena Voda
Czech Republic